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Default 627 V-Comp POA question

Very happy I found you folks. Noob here, so my apologies if this more appropriately belongs in the ammo forums, but I shot my new Performance Center 627 V-Comp for the first time yesterday, and loved it as far as handling, feel, recoil, and the incredibly slick and crisp trigger, but had one issue which seems like it must be ammo related, and even so, I’d appreciate if some of you could weigh in who are familiar w/627s.

Cheap, Rem UMC .38 target loads resulted in quarter-sized groups at 25 yards, and allowed me to do literally the best shooting I have ever done with any type of handgun at that distance, period. Without adjusting the sights at all, I was dead on, and the POA was the exact same as POI.

On the other hand, expensive .357 Golden Sabre had consistent POI of a full 18” lower than the .38, and likewise 18” lower than POA, at 25 yds. Obviously, the difference decreased as I brought the target closer, but we’re still talking 7-8” lower than .38, and POA, at only 7 yds. Bullet weights were about the same, but even if one bullet were 10 times heavier than another, you’d think gravity wouldn’t account for that extreme difference. .38 was FMC and of course, the Sabre was JHP, but still. . . .

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any insight you folks can give me.
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