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If you want to cast your own, find the Ideal/Lyman 32/20 in 115 flat base or 117 with gas check. About 30 years ago I bought it with GC and sized .311 for 32/20, 7,62x39, 303 Brit. Sized .308 (without added GC) 32 long, w GC 30Carbine,30/30, 308 Win & 30/06 light loads. There are more! This and a good 44 or 45 mold and 38/9mm mold will cover 75 to 90 percent of your cast bullet needs. As infered, you don't have to use gas checks on slow loads and sugest always using GC on rifle loads including 32/20. As for powder, Trail Boss is a good load for older guns (stick to the cowboy loads). The W231/HP 38 work well also. I have a M1902 Smith (made in 1902) and a Colt Police Positive Special (made 1918 or 1919). They both like the Trail Boss loads. For sizing/lubeing you could start with a Lee set up. For a lead pot, a tuna can on a hot plate has been known to work. ONE LAST THING: If you load any high volicity loads, mark them in some way (I color the primer RED) so they won't be used in the weaker guns. For fun, I've cast bullets over a campfire the sized and loaded the next day with a tong tool like the old timers did. Very slow and very rewarding, also makes me (very) glad I have modern equipment too!
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