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Default Complete SWCA Journal Table

Hi everyone

We've recently completed compilation of a table of contents for all of the SWCA journals, over 40 years of invaluable information.

Below are links to 2 files, one is .PDF format and the other is a Word file. You can download and review these at your leisure.

We have given each journal and each article within it a specific identifier. We have also listed the content of each article by key words, thus making it easier to sort through for content that interests you. For example sorting for "Jinks" will give you all articles written or co-written by Roy.

Please note - to state the obvious, the table is a route map to the journal content and does not contain the articles themselves. To access the content you will still need the relevant journal. Mike Speers has several of the "Blue Book" journal compilations available, along with a limited number of back issues of some individual journals. Of course, to buy these you must be a member of the SWCA.

We plan to keep the table up to date with content from new journals as they come out. We trust you find it of use.
Dave Ballantyne
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