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I just bought a ASP mag ( brand new in the plastic) off ebay for my Trapper, I am glad I did not buy the other two, while it is very well made, due to the base plate you can insert the mag in the well upside down! I still carry mine and would hate to fumble a mag change and thumb down the slide, driving it into the derlin base plate and locking up the pistol.
Mr Murphy has a way of showing up, so I try and solve as many problems before hand that I can. Any other ASP users noticed this?
I have an ASP complete with Seventrees leather by Ken Null. The magnetic mag pouch is cool enought that I have considered having Null make one for 1911 magazines. I don't carry the gun though. For one thing, it's just too expensive now. But mostly there are better choices today than there were 30 years ago.

One issue I have had with the ASP is that you really don't want to seat the magazine very hard when reloading from slide lock. This can (and does) shove the magazine so high into the mag well that the slide can't come forward. (Remember, there is no toe on the magazine floor plate to prevent this). Bad ju ju.

One thing that does chap my butt is reading statements to the effect that the M3913 is is so superior to the ASP. The 3913 is just another idea stolen by S&W after somebody else has done the lion's share of the R&D. _________________
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