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Default WOW!


Been a member since 05 and visited this portion after buying a ANIB gold, oval S&W belt buckle last weekend at the Hamptom, Va. gun show.

Your post was the first one so I opened it and am glad I did!

Your collection is beautiful and I am a bit envious! You definately have some sweet buckles there. Wish they made one with 41 magnum stamped into it, like your 44's and 357's. Do they make one with the .41 mag, my all time favorite round?

My buckle is exactly like the golden, oval one with the S&W logo that you have. I paid 55.00 for it in its original package. Did I pay too much?
The guy had many more designs, but that gold one hit me. After viewing your collection I am going to start buying one a month. Good to go on the revolvers so going to concentrate on these buckles for a new display case.

Thanks for turning me on to them and congrats on your fine collection!

Roger / Sportsterguy
Roger / SG
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