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Mine seems to like the Aguila Super Extras although it is a bit funky smelling (haven't seen/tried the Super Maximums). Pretty reasonably priced, no cycling issues, and seems cleaner and a little more accurate than the Federal Bulk for me so far at 25 and 50 yards. CCI Tactical and Mini Mags (1276 FPS ?)have worked great as well. The 50 rounds of Winchester Super X HPs (1280 FPS IIRC) I've fed have been flawless as well. Federal Champion and Auto Match haven't had any issues yet either other than visible lead residue in the bore when cleaning.

Most I've shot w/o cleaning so far is ~875 rounds of a mixture of pretty much all the ammo I mentioned above, not a single issue with misfires, feeding, or ejection. My 15-22 is only a week old at this point though.
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