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No but I'm not sure why you would want to shoot it. When it comes to .22LR ammo, unlike CF rifle ammo, the faster the ammo the more inaccurate it is, in general. Ammo that does not cross the sound barrier is a lot more accurate in a .22LR. 100% of all long range rimfire benchrest shooters use Lapua or Eley match ammo that has a speed rating of 1050 FPS.
On the otherhand if you want to eliminate critters past 100 yards the best ammo, with the most energy, is CCI-Velocitors rated at 1435 FPS with a 40g slug. Lightweight bullet ammo with 28-32g slugs lose a lot of energy just getting to 100 yards. All of these still have to cross back down below the SB at some point and that turbulence is what creates flyers in hyper velocity ammo. The 40g Velocitors are more resistant to that because of greater weight but it is still an issue. If you want an accurate rimfire at longer range you need to shoot something that uses jacketed aerodynamic bullets, like .17HMR or better yet Rem 5mm.
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