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Default Newest Hand Cannon and old gun

I know some of you S&W purists will be rolling over at the sight of this Smith - and some of you may like it as I do. I had nothing to do with any of the modifications done to this gun - I just bought it.

I just drove 77 miles one way to look at and buy this S&W Model 25-5 .45 Colt. It had some gunsmithing done by MagnaPort: S.S. Mag-Na-Life hard chrome entire revolver, Numbered cylinders (indicating an action job), MagnaPort barrel, and Cut and crown barrel to 6". I suspect it started life as an 8-3/8' barreled gun.

I'm thinking that the green neoprene front sight needs to go....

The other gun I bought late last year; it is an Argentine built Colt 1927 Model 1911. Argentina bought a batch of 1911s from Colt and included the tooling and rights to build their own. This particular gun was made in 1958 and looks ridden very hard and put away wet...

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