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Default My test fire date precedes my manufacture date???

Hi All,

First, just a little background. I'm new to this forum as well as to Smith and Wessons. Having both Sigs and HKs, I just bought my first two S&Ws, an M&P 9fs and an M&P 9c.

Although I haven't shot the 9fs yet, I purchased the 9c first, and put 200 rounds through it prior to installing the Apex DCAEK, and about 150 rounds since. IMHO the DCAEK was well worth the price, and I plan to install the DCAEK in the 9fs as well.

Now for my question. After reading about the code for the manufacture date, I decided to check and see when mine were made. It turns out that the 9fs, which I purchased on 1/15/2013 was both manufactured and test fired back on 7/13/2012. The 9c however, was test fired 12/12/12 and the manufacture date was 3002 (1/2/2013), three weeks after it was test fired, and two days before I purchased it.

I understood the test firing takes place the same day, or perhaps a few days after, the manufacture date, but certainly not before. I thought the gun was manufactured and given a manufacture date, and then test fired. Did I misunderstand how the process works? Is it the other way around, fire date then manufacture date? Might this this indicate there was a problem at test firing, and it was sent back to manufacturing?

I guess it really doesn't matter since it operates flawlessly, but if anyone can clarify the dating procedure I'd appreciate it.

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