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Default Manufactures Load Data Sites and Info

Load Data Accurate Powders

Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide

Products - Lapua

Reloading Data - Nosler

ADI Powders Handloaders' Guide - Load Search. Information on the caliber, gauge, weight, and powder types you need.

Black Powder:
GOEX Load Chart

Updates to, and errata for, Hornady's manuals: Handbook Updates-Errata - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

And, they are now listing "obsolete" data (stuff removed from the manual) on their website.

It can be found here: Obsolete Reloading Manual Data - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

(Note that they removed two more cartridges from the 9th edition, but they aren't on the website... yet.

So, it's not the best source, but it's a small one for data that can't be found in their manuals.
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