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Never much of a .40 guy....had 9s and .45s.... before the .40s came out so never saw a need for a .40!

Handgunner , Thanks; the dealer I got mine from..... was my origional source ; that there were "about 100" made in each caliber.

SmithNut .....I always thought the Shorty Forty was based on the 6906 frame... didn't know the .40s frame was different...... is it beefer?

IIRC my PC SD9 fits my 6900 leather..... or was it the 5906 holsters...... must have been the 5906 because of the barrel length!

The SCS&W lists it as the "Model 6906 Stocking Dealer" compact.

Louislavu....... what did your SD-9 cost..if I might ask? It's a pretty small market....yours may set the " current market price" ......LOL

I'd say shoot it ....if it's "near brand new" but not ANIB/with Box.... as a range gun ...... it's built like a tank for a 9mm.

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