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Originally Posted by BAM-BAM View Post

SmithNut .....I always thought the Shorty Forty was based on the 6906 frame... didn't know the .40s frame was different...... is it beefer?
The Shorty 40 and the PC 9mm's, as well as the SD guns are, at a high level, dimensionally comparable. I use holsters for the M69xx family for all. Having said that, the frame rails, I believe, are beefed up on the PC models as well as the TSW guns, making them stronger than standard production.

When I mentioned that the PC guns were .40 cal frames, this is with respect to the slot milled in the front of the mag well to not allow 40 cal mags to be inserted into 9mm guns (factory models only). The PC 9mm guns all use the same frames as the .40 guns in this regards.

I took a quick pic as an example for your reference.

The pic is of my SD .356TSW......

Note the slot milled in the front of the mag well, as well as the "dimple" on the 40 caliber mag shown in this pic. The .40 cal mag cannot be inserted in a standard production 9mm, but all PC guns share the same machining here, which is why I was calling them .40 frames.

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