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Originally Posted by mbliss57 View Post
I would think there method of relabeling wouldn't change in that short time span. The type of box is irrelevant.
You may be right, but the gold boxes I have that have the end labels altered with grease pencil are from the same Early- to Mid-Fifties era.

Mr. Fisher, what a great display of Chiefs Special revolvers! I can see how it garnered that First Place ribbon. What a wonderful thing to share with your grandson.

I gather the display does NOT include Airweights, correct? mbliss57 mentioned that you might have the answer to my question of whether a square butt alloy-cylinder Airweight Chiefs Special would have had a red box with a preprinted end label specifying the square butt configuration, or whether a round butt end label would have been modified, either by a rubber over-stamp, or by grease pencil notation. Do you?
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