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Originally Posted by Smiffer View Post
Hey micocyco,
I am able to get 16 in my mag once they get some use. I have a brand new 3rd mag that I have to settle for 15 right now.
One note: the mag you show in your picture doesn't look like an SD base plate. Is that possibly a SIGMA mag?
Good eye Smiffer, the box does not say & sign where it was hanging said SD 9 it's mod# 25095, they have not been easy to find. The range & gun shop I use just happened the have just this one at a time I was there. Of the 2 that came with it I can on a day I really want to try I can get 16 in but can't tell the one it is I have tried to use them the same.
Going to get that auto loader above for 30 bucks & I have never been one to care a lot about what people think. I will just thorw it right in the wifes range bag
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