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I was going to upload some pics of a 4506-1 that I had just purchased, but am having issues getting pictures to load. (What's the easiest way of making a picture smaller in KB or MB)

I happened to be browsing for 10mm's (I have a bad addiction to 10mm), but happened to see this and noticed the 03 on the box. If it wouldn't have been for this thread, I probably would have passed it on by. Only thing I can find wrong with this is it has a very minor "dummy scratch".

These are the numbers on the box:
Product Code 108271
Spec. Ord 9048

My box has the 03 behind the "Features" category which is as follows

The 03 is in a little different spot than the pictured box in this thread, but I'm pretty sure that is signifies the same thing. Am I wrong? Serial number is MJF1xxx.

Thanks 18DAI for the sharing your knowledge.
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