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Originally Posted by badjuijui View Post
I read somewhere that moving even an eighth of an inch can really affect your precision, but don't know if that is true.
It can, but the impact it has depends on distance and width. If you are shooting at a 3" target at 50 yards, that 1/8" will be critically important. If you are shooting at a 15" target that is 5 feet away, a small movement is probably not going to matter.

Since the primary purpose of my SD9VE is for home defense, I'm not worried about my ability to hit a small target at 50 yards with it. If I can achieve acceptable accuracy at close range, what you would typically encounter in a home or car situation, and it is safe and reliable, then I am satisfied with this gun. For target shooting or competition, I wouldn't be...but that's not what this gun is for.
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