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Default About to install an Adams Arms Piston Kit

Hi All,

This thread is devoted to those of you who have installed or want to install an Adams Arms Piston Kit. (Those of you with P-Model M&P ARs are welcome to comment, as well.) Please, no insights into the virtues of direct impingement and why I'm an anathema to the true AR community.

Prior to purchasing an M&P Sport, a Saiga/AK-47 conversion has been my favorite battle rifle. Besides being a fun and reliable shooting platform, its gas piston system is a snap to keep clean.

In my Army days, I had opted for an M1 Carbine instead of the new "plastic" rifles arriving in country so I have no prior experience with an AR (M-16). However, after my first AR trip to the range, last week, I was horrified at the sight of all my previously gleaming innards caked with carbon. So, I bought all of the appropriate cleaning tools and went to work on it. (I even bought an Ultrasonic cleaner which I have yet to plug in.)

While scrubbing everything back to as close to gleaming as possible, I couldn't help the constant comparison with my AK.

It's either the ultrasonic cleaner for the BCG (which, in itself, is messy and requires clean-up and re-lubing) or an Adams Arms Piston Kit. To that end, I am looking for feedback and suggestions from any of you who have installed the Adams Kit.

We needn't get into a "solution for a non-existant problem" discussion. There are plenty of those on file. Suffice it to say I am anal about keeping my weapons pristine and in that regard, respectfully, my AK makes my AR look like something from the stone age.

Many thanks in advance!
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