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Hi All,

Adams Arms pointed me to a LGS, Adams Arms Dealer. They sold me the Piston Kit for $349.00 and, when I asked if they do installations, they said it would be another $50.00. Figuring I'd have to spend $50.00 for an AR armorer's tool and related stuff, I figured: best let the pros do it for the same money.

They did an excellent install and a trip to the range, today, confirmed it! After 120 rounds I took a serious look at the bolt and carrier and all I could see was a clean, oily surface! My Sport felt like it had a tad more recoil so I'll probably look into upgrading my buffer spring. All in all, everything worked as advertised and my AR is now as easy to keep clean as my AK! Given the obvious virtues of the piston system, I can't imagine why the military hasn't yet converted.
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