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Originally Posted by rngunner View Post
Any newspaper or documents I can post him, he has just started a website and have the Plinker advertised there.

He`s a good guy and I don`t want him to get things wrong.If you can post info here.

Smith and Wesson Corp v. Plinker Arms LLC

Smith & Wesson v. Plinker Arms

Smith and Wesson v. Brookshire Tool and Manufacturing Company, Inc. d/b/a Promag Industries

Smith & Wesson v. Brookshire Tool and Manufacturing Company

Lightweight, low cost semi-automatic rifle magazine

One useful aspect for us of the 439' Patent is that is does have very complete disclosure of the details of the 15-22. In fact it describes and teaches more about the aspects of the rifle than the magazine. It would seem that this patent would have a lot of prior art and may not be very strong.

Of course it will cost you a couple of million to find out how strong the patent actually is. How many magazines would you have to sell to find out?


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