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Default SCSW 22 auto corrections

I just searched this site to see if there were any threads for corrections for the SCSW and found this one.

I noticed these corrections are not included? I could not post a reply so because these are all semi-auto corrections I thought I would post it here. Please move if incorrect.
This is all I can remember tonight it covers my favourites anyway.

Page 280: 28 41-1s assembled from parts in 1976 not 1986.
Page 280: 41-1 serial number range should be 20000 A350000 (not 350000)
Page 280: 46 barrel length should be 5, 5 & 7 (adding 5 and removing 7 3/8)
Page 283: photo on left shows a 2206 & 2213 caption reads 2206s

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