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Originally Posted by 25elk View Post
To clarify the OP, "The Search for the Girl With Blue Eyes" was written by Jess Stearn and does indeed entail everything laid out by the OP. Jess Stearn has also written about Edgar Cayce in several of his books. Cayce was a clairvoyant that died in 1945 and left numerous readings that related to future predictions and reincarnation. One of the better compilations of his "readings" is contained in a book by Noel Langly, "Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation". This book was edited by his son, Hugh Cayce, and is a fascinating read. As in all matters concerning the extra ordinary, UFO's, religion and para-normal events, I keep my own counsel. For those interested in reincarnation, seeking out this book is worth the effort.
It is kinda scary how the years can get things turned around in your mind. I would have bet the farm that the book was by Cayce. The name Jess Stearn doesn't sound familiar to me at all. But I defer to your memory and you seem to have a lot more information on the subject and on the book than I do.

Thanks for all the good info. I'll be checking around to see if I can find the book by Noel Langly. It sounds like an interesting read.
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