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Originally Posted by amazingflapjack View Post
"It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgement."
I was raised Catholic. I still consider myself Christian but my beliefs are quite a bit different then "Catholic" these days.

Anyway, I believe that the bible / Jesus' teachings are the dumbed down version. I imagine Jesus as like a rocket scientist trying to explain basic ******* physics to monkeys. The lessons can be truth and still leave open wild possibilities. The human mind is limited and God's grace is not. For me, faith is accepting the fact that the human mind is simply incapable of understanding the full breadth of reality beyond life.

I remember from Sunday school the classic "test God" type questions like: If God is all powerful can he make a rock so heavy he can't lift it? The priest usually answered by telling us not to test God. I believe that if God wills it to be then it will be so even if it doesn't make sense or seems contradictory to us. God can make that rock so heavy he can't lift it, and then he will lift it if he wants to.

Same goes for reincarnation, ghosts, and any other afterlife hocus pokus. I accept on faith that there is probably a vast ocean of possibilities beyond my ability to know or understand and that if reality appears contradictory to the lessons of the Bible, it is only my understanding that is lacking.

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