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Originally Posted by skjos View Post
Awesome, updated the production quantities of the 4014, 4526, and 4576.
I've posted the 4014 figures a number of times and the 4576 numbers a couple of times, but I don't think I've ever posted the figures on the 4526 before. Actually, since I don't own a 4526 (not because I don't want to ), I don't think I paid much attention to the 4526 figures Roy mentioned in my 4576 letter before, until I re-read it just before I posted my early comments.

By the way, I just re-read Roy's letter on my 915 and you might want to correct the production dates for that model. Roy's letter reads in part, "It became a catalog item in January of 1993. However, its availability was shortened as a result of the 1994 Clinton Administration ban on high capacity firearms which limited handguns to 10 round magazines for civilian sales. Smith & Wesson phased out the Model 915 during 1994 replacing it with the 10 shot version called the Model 910." So, I think you should indicate production dates for the Model 915 of 1993-1994. JMHO
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