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Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
I have a suspicion that some of those don't actually exist. I know it doesn't make sense to have parts for guns that don't exist, but I think it's the case. About a year ago I saw the 3944/46 on the parts list and asked if anyone had ever heard or seen of one. No one had. There isn't a word in the SCSW about them either. Those would have been full size, single stack, DAO only with alloy or stainless frames.

There may or may not be other phantom guns on your list.
Gary - I don't know if they exist, but S&W had a parts list on their website for those models when I did that list. That was good enough for me. <G>

The fact that there are models no one has seen is why we need a list to keep up with our third gens.
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