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That may be a useful list to refer back to. I’m mostly posting so I can find it again but I felt obligated to nit-pick it somehow to justify this reply.

4516-3s exist. Only dash 1s used a single recoil spring. The other dashes used double springs around a smaller diameter rod requiring a smaller hole in the front of the slide. Dash 2s reverted to the double spring. In addition to less lightening cuts which you described dash 1s had reconfigured feed ramps to improve reliability. As far as I know the dash 2 did nothing to improve reliability.

An important change in manufacturing that was not model number specific is worth adding as a foot note. Early DAO 3rd gens used frames and slides that were longer in the rear than TDAs. Latter the same frame and slide were used for both DAO and TDA variations by changing parts.

The quantity of each of the six 10 MM models manufactured is included in historical letter for 10 MMs so don’t finalize your list until someone posts them.

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