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Originally Posted by copemech View Post
I do not understand why you would do this unless it is specific to their setup, but if the tubes are same length and made for 308 just put stock spring and carbine buffer in.

AR 15 tube is shorter by 3/4" or so as I recall in carbine length short(adjustable)

The 308 bolt carrier has to move a bit further than a .223 so a carbine standard .223 tube is too short for the .308 action to move.

Rifle length(fixed) tubes are another topic.

You can read other posts, but the gun should run ok with American brass standard ammo in the 150-180gr range I would think. Then you get into other issues when you deviate.
I do this because my LOP is LONG and the Vltor tube gives me an extra bit of length with the 7 positions and the Magpul ACS Stocks which I use are compatible with all seven positions from fully closed to extended.

I figured it out however. Called SW, I simply re-used the carbine buffer and spring that came in the rifle. I'll be listing the A5 buffer and spring for sale.

Does this make sense now? Hope i explained it correctly.

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