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Here is the story in The Atlanta paper.
Georgia lawmakers pass sweeping gun bill |

I have absolutely no problem with the "opt in" feature of allowing carry in churches. I believe the membership of a church should have the ability to either allow or to not allow carry in the place of worship. I'm sure my particular Baptist Church will "opt in." We had a scary incident last year. My pastor and a couple of deacons have already discussed the fact that "concealed means concealed" after that incident.

I personally believe the "anti-Katrina" portion of the law might be the most important part. Meaning that the state can't disarm citizens in a declared emergency.

Proponents of campus carry are disappointed, but this is an issue that continues to have a good bit f opposition from even a lot of pro-gun people. I don't know that this will happen any time soon. While I'm generally in favor, I understand the concerns.

Another positive sign is that NRA and the state organization, Georgia Carry.Org (GCO) worked together to get the bill passed. This hasn't always been the case. There was tremendous pressure exerted on lawmakers by outside interests, including a visit to the Capitol by Gabby and Mark Giffords, calling the law "the worst gun bill in history," or some such nonsense.

I believe Governor Deal has indicated that he would sign such legislation.
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