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Originally Posted by DASA View Post
As state above, the 915 is NOT part of the "Value" line, that series was introduced later on. The 915 had a simple blade rear sight which saved S&W from paying royalties to Wayne Novak, and the front of the alloy frame has more metal that was not milled away, saving manufacturing costs. Practically EVERYTHING else is the same as a top-shelf 5903, except the ambi safety. Even though the gun is finished in a black oxide, the slide stop, extractor and safety are black coated stainless steel. Excellent pistols and a very undervalued deal when you can find them under $350.

Oh hell, I just noticed this thread is four years old! Where do all these zombie threads come from?
Guess I'm going to have to start looking at the dates of these threads.I missed that entirely .
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