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Default End label style for a SQUARE butt all-alloy Chiefs Special

Sometime above, I posed the question about the end label on a box for a SQUARE butt alloy-cylinder Chiefs Special Airweight. There was some speculation about whether there was a preprinted label denoting the square butt, a label altered with grease pencil or a label altered with a rubber stamp. No one knew for sure.

Well, the question is answered.

(I wanted to post the pictures one at a time and comment after each picture, but apparently do not know how to do that. Sorry. I cannot move them out of the group, so please try to follow along anyway.)

The first picture shows the rubber stamp alteration of the standarad "aluminum" end label to indicate a square butt version. That means the box originally held a square butt alloy-cylinder Chiefs Special Airweight, right?

Well, then please explain why a square butt alloy-cylinder Chiefs Special Airweight WILL NOT FIT! See the second picture. The gun it too big to fit into the box!

While it is irrelevant to the issue, the third picture shows a round butt alloy-cylinder Chiefs Special Airweight fitting nicely in the box.

Now look at the fourth picture. IF I cock the hammer on the square butt gun, it can be forced into the box with a slight bulge in the box at the barrel end. The lid will go onto the box bottom with the slight bulge. Would Smith & Wesson have shipped a square butt gun with its hammer cocked? Probably not, but, if not, then what is the explanation for the end label on a box that will not hold the gun the end label identifies?

The fifth picture shows the round butt version sitting on top of the square butt version. Note how much bigger the square butt is compared to the round butt. The extra butt length is clearly the problem.

Maybe all of this is just the Gun God's way of telling a Colt guy not to mess with Smith & Wesson alloy-cylinder Chiefs Special Airweight revolvers, but is there another explanation? How come the gun identified on the end label will not fit in the box, unless it is cocked and forced in?

You Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special collectors, PLEASE offer your explanation. IF there is one!
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