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Default Shorty 45 and Shorty 9 auctions

Auction's over now -- lasted all of about three hours -- so it's safe to post about them now without getting a dinger. (Trust me, I know.... )

An apparently excellent condition Shorty 45 went "Buy It Now" at $1,149 yesterday evening on GB. A thing of beauty, from an estate collection. I wrote to ask if it came with a box or any extra mags -- not that I had the itch, or the scratch -- but didn't hear anything back so who knows.

Also, a Shorty 9 similar condition went "Buy It Now" for $1,049 to the same buyer. Looked to be the "5906 PC 9" version without the billboard on the side, in the duo-tone. Sweet!

I sure hope somebody on here was the buyer. What great pistols, and rare as hen's teeth to see come up at auction. I think the prices were good for what they were. If they'd been mine, they wouldnta been sold in the first place, but if I did put 'em up, I would have added a couple hundred to those prices, I think!
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