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Default **SALE!**JMT Sight Pusher 1911, M&P,XD, Ruger, Beretta**REVOLVER PLUGS**Mk V added

SALE !Attachment 245778
June is birthday month for both Ed and Linda (Mrs. J), as well as Jennings Machine and Tool To celebrate, we are offering a free round to square adapter set with all sight pusher purchases. This is a $15 value. If ordering on line just don’t order the set it will be included automatically.
May 7, 2018
All caught up on Mk V and Mk lll pushers except for the couple of orders that came in over the weekend. Still got 1 Mk lV to get out. Please note that henceforth all Mk lll pushers will also be powder coated. Initially this may take a few extra days, but shouldn't be too much extra time.
Yes, I still do the plugs.
Ed Jennings

Effective Jan 4, JMT will cease to be a hobby business. What's this mean to you? Well, for starters, likely most orders will be shipped from stock rather than made to order. Due to the deluge of business following the review in American Handgunner, this is not yet a reality. Still struggling to get ahead on orders. Not getting behind though. I have added an online ordering option to my website, Jennings Machine and Tool - Home, for those who prefer to order on line. It is up and should be running as of now. Effective January 23, 2017, the following pricing will be effective:
Mk lll $74.50
MklV $99
Mk V $125
M&P Pins $15
3/16” pin set for S&W front sight and other narrow dovetails.
Brass pin set (high strength brass) $15 3pieces
Spare screw pack $7.50
Shipping is no longer included in the pusher prices. It will be $7.15 for pushers and $3.00 for the small items ordered separately.
Plug pricing will remain at the same levels.

I have added ordering info for the Mk V to my website. The Mk V will cost $125 plus $7.15 shipping. All the accessories for the Mk lll and Mk lV will fit the Mk V. I have a few Mk V's ready to ship. More next week.

Jut another sight pusher built from square tubing? Not the case. The shape of the frame is the only in common with all the cheap eBay pushers. The suspension system is very unique. The three screws that touch the outside of the slide have swivel caps made of Delrin. The swivel feature allows the screw to hold the slide regardless of the shape. The bottom screw has a live washer on top. The axis of the top/bottom support screws and the horizontal support screws is offset. This adds rigidity to the design. In addition, the counterforce screw, which is installed opposite the pusher screw, insures that the slide is securely held and will not move under force.
Ill get more up on my website in the next few days, along with some slide setups.

Time for a new ad. The old one was badly out of date and way too long.
The JMT pushers are entirely of my own design and manufacture. Unlike all the tools based on a sliding bar, this tool uses a jackscrew to put pressure directly at the base of the dovetail. They will remove very tight sights such as Kimbers, XD's, and M&P Shield rears. On most guns the tools work with both front and rear sights. These are two models currently in production, the Mk lll and Mk lV. The Mk lV differs in that it can be used on guns with slide mounted safety levers such as the Beretta 92 series, in addition to any gun the Mk lll works with.
The current jackscrew is hollow and a hardened steel pin is inserted into the end. As the screw rotates, the pin, which rides on a ball bearing, remains stationary. There is an optional pin set available for the S&W sights that are stepped on the sides. These pins also work well with any sight with a dovetail that is .375" or wider.
The tool is constructed of 1018C steel and extruded aluminum, both of domestic manufacture. All fasteners are alloy steel, grade 8 or better.
Any questions concerning fitment, just ask. I may have to rely on pictures or customer reports, since I don't have a model of every gun out there in my modest collection. The only guns I know of that this tool will not work with are the XDm, Beretta PX4, and some Walther models that have triangular shaped slides. The Mk V has been designed to work with these models and is currently in pre-production testing.
The tool ships with everything you need: the pusher, instructions for use, two felt pads to protect the slide, and a wrench.
The Mk lll is priced at $65, plus shipping, The Mk lV is $90. This is an increase of $10. The time involved in making a Mk lV is close to double the time to make a Mk lll. The degree of precision required is much higher also. Hate to do this, but I have to.
The optional pin set is an additional $12 when shipped with a tool.

Here's a link to a review by Guns America's Dave Higgenbottom:
Jennings Machine Sight Pusher and TruGlo GLOCK Sights ? GunsAmerica Digest

Here's an email I recently received from a customer:

"I’ll tell you a little story that I think you’ll appreciate. I’m a reasonably talented amateur gunsmith, but my brother is Certified Master Gunsmith. He had someone (an FFL) bring in a limited addition Colt 1911, new in the box, retails around $2k. The firearm arrived from Colt with the rear sight pushed way over to the right. The FFL had the firearm for a few months, but never put it up for sale because of the rear sight. He had tried brass punches, etc. to try and move it over, but with no luck. He brought it to my brother, who then spent quite a bit of time trying to move the sight over, but he was also not successful. I recommended trying the JMT sight pusher, and it worked flawlessly and only took a few minutes (most of that was making sure we didn’t mar up the firearm."

Mk lll


Mk lll front sight set up

Set up for M&P or XD

M&P pins

Mk lV on a Beretta M9

The Mk lV is now powder coated also

Beginning now, JMT will be offering plugs for the lock hole on revolvers of recent manufacture Currently I am offering KLN frame plugs in both blue and stainless. I now have J frame plugs in blue and stainless as well. I will have plugs for the X frame a little later on.
I presently have about 40 plugs ready to ship. To place an order, you can send a personal check or money order to:
Ed Jennings
1213 15th St
Pleasant Grove AL 35127
I cannot accept PayPal. Having too many issues with them. If you want to use a credit card, text me at 205 533-2033.
Pricing: $35 for one, $32 for each additional in the same order.
I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow.
Please ask any questions by PM or email. Questions in the ad section are not allowed. And I'm not allowed to answer, which I keep forgetting.

Going to try to ad a picture.
J fame plug.

I am including a hairpin clip with all the plugs shipped today and hereafter. I'm not sure it does a better job than the factory fork, but may be easier to install. I'm not recommend in one way or the other. You have a choice. Right now I have the clip in my 686, and the fork in my 627. I'm going to leave them that way and see if there is a noticeable difference.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Mk V set up on a 1911 slide.

Attachment 245778
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**SALE!**JMT Sight Pusher 1911, M&P,XD, Ruger, Beretta**REVOLVER PLUGS**Mk V added-img_0209-jpg   **SALE!**JMT Sight Pusher 1911, M&P,XD, Ruger, Beretta**REVOLVER PLUGS**Mk V added-jennings-sight-pusher-jpg  

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