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Originally Posted by steelslaver View Post
I have one and had another. Both are OK for what they are. I love the big bore in a small light package. I shoot it enough to keep good with it. I use fairly mild loads. With big bullets speed isn't needed. I did have the failure to open problem on the current gun but made a tiny shim washer to fix it. With the non shrouded ejector guns like mine you can open by pulling ejector forward. I also have a Taurus 431 which is pretty much a fix sight copy of a 696. Mine is well made and smooth, but heavy. The Bulldog can go in my pants or jacket pocket and not have my pants falling down.

I would love an alloy L frame with a 3" barrel, but I want it in 45ACP with moon clips. That would be so perfect. Small, light, big bullet, quick reloading and lots of ammo choices.

I have a 696 and had a Taurus 431. The 431 was a solid well made gun and I loved the fixed sight. I let it go because of that gall danged square butt and target stocks. Totally defeated the purpose of the fixed sights. I'm with you on an L frame from S&W. As much as we'd like a .44 Spl I don't see it happening with the current M69 on the market.
I think a fixed sight .45 ACP with moon clips would be a huge seller. We'll keep our fingers crossed.
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