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Originally Posted by hotrod150 View Post
I owned two Charter Arms revolvers back in the mid-1980's, a blue 38 Undercover and a stainless 22 Pathfinder. While they were a good value & OK for "truck gun" use, they just weren't up to S&W standards. What with all the different guns/calibers available now, I think that ship has sailed, but it's a shame they didn't get on it back in the day & produce a similar but S&W-quality small-frame 5 shot 44 snubby-- they'd have sold a bunch of them.
To make them "up to S&W standards" would have jacked up the price a lot. One of the things many people have found appealing about the CA guns, especially the Bulldog, is that they're relatively inexpensive revolvers that work.

Everybody I know personally who owned one of the older Bulldogs says essentially the same thing: "Yeah, fit and finish aren't all that great, but they always shoot and they make great big holes."

So I guess the question becomes, when will S&W come back to a .44 Special snubby? I'm not holding my breath.
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