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My $ .02 on the .41 mag ammo issue.

Many of you are FAR younger than I and don't recall when ammo was always plentiful, supply was seldom ever an issue. Back then .41 mag ammo was relatively easy to find. Heck I can recall buying up 210 gr lead factory ammo in the 70's and early 80's in New Jersey. NOW try to find ammo in Jersey.

Like the .454 Casull , .45 colt and a few me the .41 mag IS best fed by the handloader. One can load cast slugs from light to heavy and tailor your loads and bullet weights to the task at hand. Your not stuck with too hot or too low a load. You can load what you wish.

95% of the time my .41's shoot a 210/215 gr Lead, Keith style over 7.0 of Unique for 950 fps. Accurate, easy on the gun and the shooter yet still powerful enough to shoot flat out to a reasonable distance.
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