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Originally Posted by snubbyfan View Post
Today our power went out. No big deal, we'll just crank up the generator.
Went out to the garage, put about a gallon of gas in it, opened the gas valve, set the choke and switched the kill switch to the on position. Usually takes just 1 or 2 pulls to get it purring along. Not this time.
pulled it a few more times, then a few times more and it fired up, sputtered, then died.
Set the choke again, 1 pull it started stong, died again then refused to start again.
We decided to head on out to a local resort that has an indoor aquatic center for a couple of hours. They have wifi, satellite tv, a swimming pool, hottubs, sauna and a workout room. I go there for physical therapy.
We stayed for a couple of hours and by the time we went home the power was back on.
Still gotta figure out what's wrong with the generator. Old gas maybe?
It's alive!
I went out to the garage today, looked a little closer at the fuel shut off valve and saw that the "off" position was opposite of what was on the diagram on the side of the generator. I opened the valve, which put it in the "off" position, set the choke, turned the kill switch on and it fired up in one pull.
My wife said, "That'll teach ya to not read the instructions."
They're calling for severe storms and possible tornadoes this evening, I'm hoping we won't need the generator but we're prepared in case we do.
Keep on Chooglin'

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