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Thanks KO for the info...A SW Model 57 was my first N frame gun purchased way back in 1977.. l kept it awhile but traded it for a long barrel Model 29 when l got into IHMSA silh back in the late 70s...After about 30yrs plus absence l got back into shooting them a couple years ago...To my surprise one of the most popular calibers to knock down those 55 lb rams @ 200 meters is yours truly..The 41 Magnum....NOT in a Smith & Wesson revolver tho...Freedom Arms Silh 41Mag models reign in Production Revolver Class...357mag is too lite for the rams...44mag is just bit too much recoil... These guys claim the 41s to be flatter shooting than the 44..Biggest problem with the 41 Mag is lack of component bullets offered.. Speer ,Hornady,Sierra used to make fine bullets for Silh shooting in 41.. No more tho..About the only weight available is the old standard 210gr jhp...Sad to see such a great caliber neglected...41Mag is kinda like the 16 Gauge shotgun..Not too little.. Not too big...Just Right...l guess 'just right' calibers/gauges are not too popular these days...

Except for me maybe..Looking for a 41mag Smith in my future

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