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Blame it on CRS. Giving the books a quick look, it's a bit harder to break 2800 fps with a 168 SMKBT than I remembered. Always look up your data rather than rely on memory. However, it's quite easy to break 2700 fps using a 168 gr Sierra and there is one load that does exceed 2800 fps in a 24 inch barrel.

The point isn't that one must load for such velocities, but that the claim there is only a 32 fps difference between a 20 inch barrel and a 26 inch barrel only applies to the 168 gr Federal load in particular, not the 168 gr bullet in general. It also does not apply to lighter weight bullets. Longer barrel lengths in the 308 still have their place.

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Sierra data shows 2700 fps in a 26 inch barrel, however they round off their velocities

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