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Wow! you guys are awesome. What a wealth of knowledge
bmb96mus. I was thinking a factory check wouldn't hurt anything but 3-4 weeks is a long time if its not a big deal.
Rastoff. To tell you the truth i did not notice either way. I didn't even think to check that.
turbo38gn. I was using Federal 115 gr FMJs when it happened.
RobzGuns. Wow thanks for the extensive reply. Since my ejector seems to be in good order I'm thinking your first scenario is my problem. While not being my only carry pistol it is my smallest and most COMFORTABLE. Looks like its time to put this small pistol through some hard firing. Ive fired 25 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty 135gr FlexLock without any problems. How many HPs before you are satisfied with their reliability?
robkarrob. Slide's stopping block seems to be fine. I can't see any obvious deformations. I wish I had another shield to compare to though. A piece of brass was what I thought of first but i wasn't sure if it was possible.
davemercer. I have tried to find information on this type of jam and not had any success. Its relieving to hear you had one with a glock and it ended up being fine.
mustangman. Thank you and greetings from NV.
MSG Glenn. I had researched and heard of shields firing multi-thousands of rounds without problems and was surprised with a jam. I completely agree with having trust in a SD weapon. I hope to hear from S&W CS soon.
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