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Originally Posted by bckaroo View Post
Rastoff. To tell you the truth i did not notice either way. I didn't even think to check that.
First of all, thank you for answering the question (all of them). You will continue to find this site very helpful.

I asked about the barrel because it is one potential cause of what you had. Allow me to explain...

As the slide moves backward, the barrel moves toward the rear a little, then drops/tilts down. If for some reason, the barrel doesn't move back far enough, it will be pinched between the slide and the frame. The result is a slide that won't move either way. Depending on how stuck it is, will determine what is necessary to free it. Yours wasn't stuck bad.

Try this; lock the slide back on an empty chamber. Now, wiggle the barrel a little. It should seem quite sloppy. The barrel should feel loose. This is normal. That movement actually helps the feeding process.

I have seen your situation a couple of times and each time it was due to the barrel getting wedged in there. The fix was to bump the barrel on the muzzle to dislodge it. In each case the malfunction has not returned that I know of.
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