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Originally Posted by 824tsv View Post
I ordered a new 4006 in the spring of 1990 and had to wait several months before I could get it. It was the hot ticket back then, expensive and very hard to come by. I presume LEO orders were the reason for the delay. In my area most all P.D.'s eventually bought these pistols. Mine has been a joy to own. It's built like a tank, quite heavy and easy to control the recoil. I wouldn't want to conceal carry it due to its bulk, but a very nice pistol in my experience. I hand load for it and have had no issues with my reloads. I haven't seen very many on the used market recently, but a couple of years ago the market was flooded with LEO trade in's and the pistols could be had quite cheaply. Here's an opportunity to show mine again, with the original sales receipt from November 1990. It was a lot of money back then......

FWIW you posted this picture once before and I went and looked this up on an "inflation tracker" and in today's dollars this pistol is apparently worth the same as it was in 1990

Originally Posted by 824tsv View Post
I paid $900 for mine new in 1990. The .40 was all the rage back then and these pistols were very hard to find. I wonder how much that would be in 2014?
What cost $900 in 1990 would cost $1557.03 in 2012.

The last year they figured for was 2012 so I'd add 50 or 60 bucks
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