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Default Ohaus always been made in china?

So I got this reloading bug going. Starting to get a lot of equipment, which has offset any savings

I started to look for a nice balance beam scale. Everyone says get the RCBS 5-0-5 its made in USA and all that... yet every box I have seen of those 5-0-5s are stamped with a "MADE IN CHINA". Thought that was a little strange. Scale inside says made for RCBS by Ohaus. No other indication of its origin.

I drank the blue koolaid a little while back, ordered the Dillon Balance beam scale (also made by Ohaus, same scale as the 5-0-5 I believe). Unpacked it and was very pleased with the scale, nicely made and very nice to use. I love it. Turn it over and a nice little sticker on the inside "Made in China"

So, when did Ohaus go overseas? Were they always? Assembled in US, cast in China?

Just curious, I love the scale. It's going to stay on my shelf along with all the other blue koolaid.
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