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I just went back and re-read the Shooting Times article. It talked about Smith and Wesson intended to use the 40 caliber and the 4006 as an IPSC competition platform. Specifically, S&W felt that the 40 could eclipse the 38 super because a 40 could make major factor very easily; where uploading the 38 super could lead to over pressure problems. The article noted that the 180 grain bullet was designed for the self-defense round (FBI protocol), but that a 150-155 grain bullet would be designed as a competition round.

Also of interest, the 1990 article noted that Smith and Wesson created the performance center that year to concentrate on IPSC comp guns, particularly for its new competition team of Brian Enos, J. Michael Plaxco and Jerry Miculek. The PC built 4006 comp guns used by some of the team members.
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