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Default Are S&W Canted Barrel Problems Getting Less Frequent

As some of you may have read, I am on a search for a new Model 617 & Model 29 Classic. For at least the past 6 months, none have been found in the metro Phoenix area. So, the chance of having to order online (if I can find them) is probably the only way that I will be able to get one within the coming year.

My biggest concern in ordering online (i.e., not physically inspecting the gun before I buy it) is getting one that has a canted barrel - see a lot of complaints about this, both with Ruger & S&W. In fact, one of my Ruger GP100s has about a 1-degree cant (over-clocked) on it.

I was in an LGS yesterday and asked to see a new Model 629. Sales person handed it to me and sure enough, there was about a 1 to 2 -degree cant in the barrel.

So, for you guys that have recently bought new S&W revolvers, what kind of luck have you had in getting a barrel that is not either over or under clocked? I am trying to figure out what the chances are of getting a canted barrel on a new gun, maybe 30 to 50%? Too bad that we have to be concerned about a QC issue like this on a new gun.
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