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I recently bought a 629 4" that I'm very happy with now. When I bought it, I inspected it and 2 others and chose the best of the three. One had a clocked barrel sight, the other had much more "meat" on one side of the frame than the other where the barrel is threaded on. I got mine home and found it shot a foot to the left and had to crank the rear sight to the right as far as it would go to get a zero. I had to send it back twice before it was properly fixed. It can be maddening trying to get a new S&W that is near acceptable these days. It's actually kind of sad. Again, they'll most likely fix it but get ready to call, send it back, call again and complain, etc, etc. Gone are the days where you could just buy one from the cabinet and take it home knowing its properly built, shoots, doesn't bind the cylinder, is properly timed, etc. Again, I love mine now and wont ever part with it...mostly because of how hard it was to finally be happy with it. I would never buy a new S&W unseen if I were you...not unless huge changes happen at that company. They need to up their Quality Control and increase their labor skills but people keep buying so where is their motivation? I know this sounds like a scathing review of S&W..and maybe it is, but I don't mean it to be. I really like a nice, properly made and produced S&W revolver. I'm just frustrated customer who went through hell to get what I paid $800 for. If I were you I'd wait and buy one in person...and bring a straight edge, bore laser, and feeler gauges with you. If I did it over again, I would contact a bunch of reputable revolver smiths and see if they may have what you're looking for, and that they've already gone through and corrected issues on. Another way, and I've only seen this once is...a local gun shop here did a "S&W" days where they had a trailer that you could try out and shoot different S&W guns in. You could try one and verify it before buying. I dont know if this was put on by S&W or the shop but being able to try it first sounded great to me when I heard about it. Good luck in your search and decision.
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