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Originally Posted by rwsmith View Post
I understand that any barrel within +/- 5 degrees is in tolerance. I think that is a ridiculously loose tolerance for something that was made so carefully up to that point.

I wouldn't want a gun that I could look at and say, "The barrel's crooked".
Wow, 5-degrees is hard to believe. I was able to get a decent measurement on my Ruger GP100 and it is right at 1-degree and it is visually noticeable - although I did not catch it when I bought the gun, was not familiar with canted barrels at that time. However, the sight picture does not look bad, i.e., the front sight blade looks pretty near vertical in the fixed rear sight notch, but you can see just a little bit of overclock where the barrel meets the frame.

A 5-degree cant would be gross looking - hard to believe something that bad would get past QC.

Due to the lack of inventory locally, I will probably end up rolling the dice and order one from Buds or Davidsons (when & if they become available) and see what it looks like before accepting it. They both have return policies where they pay shipping back to them if you find a defect upon delivery.
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