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I have said before, and will say again, that the "problem" is MUCH overstated, likely brought about by the fact that the internet allows those who have experienced the problem to reach far more individuals with the complaint, which gives the appearance that the problem is bigger than it really is.

In addition, some people are prone to complain about every little machine mark, every tiny "imperfection" and yet they want to pay "Chevrolet" price for "Rolls-Royce" attention to detail. S&Ws are mass produced, not hand built. If you want hand built, go buy a Korth with your $3,995.00, if you are happy with their base model. If not, $6,258.00 will buy the top of the line Korth.*

Finally, some people see things that are just not there in any real sense (ever wonder why we don't see pictures of the supposed canted barrel in most of the complaint threads?). I try to ask for pictures when I see such a thread, and there are not often any takers.

Finally, when you see how barrels are installed, it is amazing to me that barrels are not canted far more often than reported. To get the barrel/cylinder gap correct, along with the correct torque, and at the same time have the front sight be exactly straight up and down is quite a problem, and for S&W to be able to mass produce in this fashion with as few problems as they have is evidence of fantastic engineering and quality control.

*From the 2004 price list.

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