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I'm far from an expert, but can say this has been an amazingly good month for my gun acquisitions. I'm so thankful for that after my wife and I losing our careers last year.

My revolvers all got the once-over, but were never checked for this 'cant' issue. I'm not even going to give it a second thought or check any of them. My 'old' job was a product reviewer for broadcast equipment. I can't tell you how much 'forum fever' has effected good products. The problem is that as always, since the beginning of time, a product imperfection hits the market. In the old days, it was simply corrected by the 'good companies' and that was that. Today, if an imperfect product hits the market, photos and threads are instantly spread around the world and you would think there was a pandemic.

Just my own opinion, but if I wanted a 617 (mine is a fantastic piece, ...IL and all), I wouldn't even consider the 'cant' issue. When I received it, I'd give it the once-over, take it to the range and have a blast. There are just too many other things to worry about. For all I know, I have a safe full of canted guns. Don't know.

Maybe I sounded too soap-boxy there, so apologize. For every problem posted, there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of (close to) perfect models being enjoyed.

Just my opinion. I hope you get a lifetime of use and enjoyment from your future 617!
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