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For 21 years the only hand gun I owned was/still have it is my 640 38spl and for a while carried it in a small fanny pack in front. I had cut a piece of foam in the shape of the fanny pack and cut out for the j-frame to secure it and keep it from printing. I got away from it for more than a decade until I got my NAA Wasp in January, carry it every day. About 2 months ago I got my Kangaroo Carry holster and nearly every day I carry both the Wasp in my pocket and my 640 in the KC holster, it works well for me. I will move to a 640 Pro Series for the sights and 357 option when my LGS gets one or when I get tired of waiting. It will go in the KC holster. Depending on a few variables the 640spl might be for sale then, maybe not.

Stay safe, John
Luke 23:34
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