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I love my shield, I will say, for those that say it's tough to manipulate that my friends wife, who went with a revolver for her EDC because she had difficulty manipulating slides on semi-auto's had no problem with my Shield out of the box. I have about 1000 rounds through mine, and it's much easier.

I do agree with the recommendation to get an UPLULA. After one outing, I went and got mine because of how tough the magazine springs were. I have mine on my hip unless I'm sleeping or at work. IWB for outside the home and OWB around the house or up on the property.

I highly recommend it compared to other guns near the price point. Maybe the only other gun I might consider, which I bypassed because I wanted a 9mm is the BERSA .380 Thunder CC. My friend has that gun as his EDC and it is easy to shoot. I didn't go .380 because 9mm ammo is much easier to find (not getting drawn into the arguement about which round is better for SD.)
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