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Default Had Some Issues Too

Originally Posted by hoc9sw View Post
I have one that is now running like a top. It was painful, with several trips to S&W to get it that way. Lots of folks have great results new out of the box, others not.

If you have patience and want that weapon to work, go for it. Hope it will click sooner than it did for me.

(Mine is also a 9mm)
I just got my replaced Shield 9 Friday. After failures to extract CS polished the chamber. Shot fine for fifty rounds and then slide didn't return on final shot of any magazine. Called CS again and told them it wasn't trustable for me. They replaced it. I have five
hundred rounds ready for tomorrow morning out in the desert. I'm really hoping it passes muster. I have a G26 Gen4. Shoots great, reliable, accurate but FAT! The Shield is a perfect carry piece and I prefer it.
Glad you got yours running fine. I felt with a second issue I might
be going back again?
Stay safe. (Retired KCKPD)
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